Sad day for my first guitar

Today marks a sad day in the history of my very first guitar, a top of the line Rogue Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar. For the record, here’s what it should look like:

Guitar in good condition

Rogue Guitars Kind of Suck

Alright, so it was never a very good guitar, but it was my first, and it was good enough ofr me. Looking though my old emails, I can see I bought it back in 2005, my first year at the University of Minnesota as an undergrad, and the first time I was living completely on my own.

I Suck At Guitar

I didn’t have a teacher, but I did manage to learn to read tabs on my own. The only songs I ever really cared about learning were oldschool finger picking style songs by Iron & Wine, which is still all I know how to play. I once even had the guts to post a recording to YouTube under a fake name and probably fake email address:

A Broken Guitar, a Broken Dream

I’ve been on a bit of a kick lately of not completely wasting my time. Sidenote: this has been great, and I hope it’s a trend that continues. Maybe it’s being fueled by my new exercise habit?

Anyway, one of the ways I’m no longer wasting my time is by playing some of the many musical instruments I’ve accumulated over the years. I’ve been trying to play my trumpet every day, but today I reached for my guitar, which I haven’t seen since I moved into this house.

Picking it up, I noticed right away that it was extremely out of tune. The truth was much worse: it was completely broken.

A Glimmer of Hope

It turns out there’s another guitar in the house and I played that one instead.

The end.

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