I Bought a Rowing Machine

This will likely come as a shock to many of my regular readers, but I did it. I bought a rowing machine, a decision I’ve been struggling with for literally days.

So what kind of rowing machine did I end up getting? There was never really any other option for me than the Concept2 Model D, which I ended up buying from Amazon because it’s the same price no matter where you look, and Amazon promised to get it to my door in 2 days for the same shipping cost as anywhere else.

Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine

Now when I say I bought it, I do mean that literally. It hasn’t gotten here yet, but it will be here tomorrow. I’m looking forward to what I hear is a very simple assembly process.

In the mean time, I’ve been doing research into how I’m actually supposed to use the thing. There are fewer videos on YouTube than I would expect on technique, but they’re out there, including some stuff from Concept2 directly:

Making It Count

My biggest struggle right now is the idea is that I’ll fail to establish a habit with the machine. The plan is to start as slow as possible, only working out for 5-10 minutes per day, maybe less. If I fail to strike a rhythm that works for me and also makes me feel good in the short term, this purchase will be a huge mistake.

On the bright side, I hear these things retain very good resale value.

Keeping Track

Right now, I have a 16 day exercise streak, which I attribute to making the target behavior as simple and easy as possible. I’m going to try to keep that up with rowing, starting the first few days practicing basic technique. This should ease me into the habit I so desperately want to create.

Another motivator for habit change is accountability, and what could be more effective than being held accountable by my swarm of loyal readers? To that end, I plan on creating an exercise log, where I will post every day that I work out.


  1. Jerome Stolicki on April 28, 2017 at 10:48 pm

    So what was your advice? I just bought one.

    • John on April 29, 2017 at 9:29 am

      I think if you’re going to buy a rowing machine, the Concept2 is really the way to go. I used mine pretty consistently for a while and the machine worked wonderfully.

      I think something was off in my form, though, or maybe it was a previous back injury coming back to haunt me, or maybe both. After a while I started feeling some discomfort in my lower back, and my exercise habit was fading at that point anyway, so I decided to sell the machine.

      On that note, I will say that these things retain their value really well.

      All that having been said, this is one of the finest pieces of exercise equipment I’ve ever owned. If you can get some instruction in person and have someone knowledgeable help you perfect your form, I think you’ll have a lot of success.

      Good luck!

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