How to put together a Concept2 Model D Rower

It’s true, I just won’t shut up about my shiny new Concept2 Model D Rower Machine, and I’m not sorry for that. It’s so refreshing to have a quality piece of equipment after a history of only being able to afford the cheapest, shittiest machines.

Yes, it’s an amazing piece of equipment, but how hard was it to assemble?

Getting the Concept2 Model D Rower Box

First things first: before you can put together a rowing machine, you have to get everything out of the box.

At this point I’d like to give a huge shoutout to FedEx. They must have known just how valuable the contents were of the box they delivered to my house. We have a post it note on our front door telling delivery people to leave packages on our front porch if possible, but FedEx went above and beyond:

Concept2 Model D Box sitting precariously in front of door.

Unpacking the Box

So what’s inside the box? Everything you need. The machine comes in two main parts, and getting everything out was actually a bit tricky.

Concept2 Model D Box Contents

Fortunately I had Edgar and Cornelia around to help me.

Concept2 Model D Box Unpacked

In addition to the seat part and the fan part, there’s a bag of metal bits for putting together the front legs, the manual, 8 screws, and a screwdriver.

That’s right, just 8 screws!

The screws aren’t a normal shape, which is I assume why Concept2 includes a special screwdriver.

Concept2 Model D Screw Closeup

Lug Everything Down to the Basement

Since there isn’t room anywhere else in the house for a 9 foot long indoor rower, I decided to lug everything down to the basement before continuing. This actually sucked, not because of the weight (each individual part is pretty easy to manage), but because of how damn cold everything was.

Minnesota has a tendency to get pretty cold in January, so the metal felt cold enough to freeze water. Not pleasant!

But fortunately it didn’t take long, and soon I had everything down in our lovely, cozy basement:

Concept2 Model D parts in my basement

Put Together the Feet Thing

The first real assembly step is to put together the three metal things to make a feet thing. It takes 4 of the 8 screws and looks like this:

Concept2 Model D Foot Thingy

Attach the Feet Thing to the Fan Thing

Next, take the assembled feet thing and put it on the fan thing. This uses up the rest of the screws.

Concept2 Model D with Feet Attached

There is a right and wrong way to put the feet thing on because of how it’s angled, but the instructions make it very obvious which way it should go.

Attach the Seat Thing to the Fan Thing

All that’s left to do at this point is line up the two main parts and gently guide the seat part into the fan part. There’s a very clever locking mechanism that gets triggered automatically once they’re in place. It looks like this:

Concept2 Model D Locking Mechanism

Just lift this up and the two pieces slide easily apart. Super slick if you need to store the machine between uses!

That’s It, You’re Done

That’s literally all there is to it. This was amazingly simple to put together. All in all, it took me about 45 minutes between getting home and having the machine put together and functioning, and the vast majority of that time was spent unpacking the box and cleaning up after myself.

I’m very happy with the whole experience, and happy to finally have a great piece of exercise equipment to use at home!

Fully Assembled Concept2 Model D



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